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Miles of smiles..... Mk3 gt6


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Hi all.  Thought I would update you on the misfire saga of my mk3 gt6. 

After all the advice a few weeks ago, I removed the temp compensators and found them just open at cold. So I fully tightened the nut and forced them shut. 

Next I removed the points (made in England) and removed the condensor (had delco stamped on it).. 

Fitted new parts from td fitchet and reset ignition timing statically.  Interestingly the screw slot in the new points and to some extent the old points was not long enough to get the correct points gap of 14 - 16 thou.  Had to file the hole out. 

Anyway the result is a gt6 with no misfire. 

I also fitted a standard exhaust instead of the wheel barrow one. I can now hear the engine and everything else..... 

Clonking rear suspension and strange noise from front of engine. 

But I can now move on and fix these and enjoy the car a bit. 

Happy days.. 


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Whip  the fan belt off for a cheap fix for is it engine or auxilliaries

The only strange  out the box noise  ive come across was on a cam sprocket where some previous work  had centre popped the mating face  even as it was secured ok the racket was like a lawn mower with a stone in the blade 

I was expecting to find a tensioner in bits .  But no just one pop mark, upsetting the face 



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