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VITESSE Mk2 - Rev Surge


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Took the car out for a long run last Sunday and noted a couple of times that the revs surged by a few hundred whilst in O/D. 


First time it occurred was within a mile of starting from cold and then on several occasions with the car at full running temperature.


I'm looking at some possible causes this weekend, but thought I would throw it up for discussion, prior to climbing under.


In fairness I have not checked the g/box oil level in the car since the 100 mile run, so it's possible it could be low and perhaps this has resulted in the O/D not functioning 100% although other than that it performed fine. 


My other thought is very very early signs of clutch wear, although it seemed to pull away okay and inclines were not problematic.


It's due to have the head re-torqued within fifty miles, but I do not think it's engine related - could be wrong.


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.





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dont know what car you have but assume its D type OD ??


yes low oil does just what you are getting


if that does not solve it check the solenoid adjustment


take of sqaure cover on rh side,  operate the OD , you will see it pulls a short lever not a lot only a few  mm.


in the lever is a 3mm hole . poke a drill through this it should line up with a similar hole in the main case


adjustment is by turning the locked or stiff  nut on the pull rod.


the solenoid can get corroded inside and may also benefit from removal and clean up and a touch of lube.


getting the  2 sol screws out is a right fiddle on most as it sits below the chassis 


best replace with allen key head setscrews, 



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Thanks Pete.


My gut feeling is the oil level, so your comments are very helpful.


Mk2 Vitesse, I put it in the thread title but perhaps within the main body of thread would have been better.


Many thanks for your advice.





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