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Triumph sport special - new owner

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Hi Everyone.

Triumph newbie here - proud new owner of a special built by my Uncle in 1970 and handed over to me last Saturday.  I've always wanted to own this car ever since I saw it as a 5 year old, and now my dream has finally been realised!

However, I have to admit, I've not done any significant work on any car since I changed the brake pads on my Citroen GSA in 1993, so I may well have to turn for help here, as I'm currently running a quite finely tuned 2 seater sports car with a modified 1300 Herald engine sporting a profiled cam and twin Weber carbs.  Help!

Interested in any events going on in the South, especially around the Brighton area, tips, hints and general advice welcome!




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I reckon get it erviced with fresh oil/filter etc, MoT'd, probably a set of new tyres, and get using it.

It has the advantage of no rusty bodywork, though by the looks of it a modified Triumph chassis? That will make looking after it rather easier, all the mechanical bits should be nice and simple. Hopefully the Webers are in good fettle. Does it retain herald/spitfire rear suspension?

As to events, if you want local events try Southern Classics as they hold regular breakfast meets and so on. We have Goodwood just down the road, plus a myriad of local country shows (though you usually need to book in months in advance to "show" your car)

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Thanks Clive,  I'm in the fortunate position that my Uncle has been maintaining the car for years, so will be sorted with oil, filters and tyres, and it has literally just been to the MOT station and back during that time - It clocked over to 12,000 miles on my drive home to Hove, not a great deal for a 49 year old car!

You are right - based on herald and Spitfire parts - front wishbone suspension from a Herald, and rear from a Spitfire (or is that the same thing?).  The Chassis and body work were designed and built by 2 of my Uncles, so it's a unique one-off (albeit with a strong Lotus 7 influence!).  Bit of a journey back in time for me too - we grew up being ferried around in a Herald estate, so it's a nice link back to my childhood.

Thanks for the tips on shows - hoping to make it to the Revival this year and I'll look into local events.  Do they have ones where it doesn't rain?  🙂.

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Hi thescrapman,

From the extensive collection of documents handed to me with the car, it looks as if it was assembled from bits of a Triumph Herald, reg. no. AMD 556A.  However, it would only have been the engine, suspension and drivetrain, as the rest is hand-built.  That would have been in about mid-1969 - almost exactly 50 years ago.  Don't suppose you know the donor car, by any chance?

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