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What is a normal temperature gauge reading?


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Hi - first of all I am a complete newbie to classic cars and my Spitfire 1500, however as for a normal reading on the temp gauge, what should be operating temp during normal driving conditions and what is too hot (apart from steam everywhere - not that I have done that!).


I have also posted a newbie oil pressure gauge question in that topic area too!


Sorry all for the beginner basic questions but rather not run it than risk damage.


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all gauges are an indication, but in general around halfway between hot and cold is if anything .... is  normal


the thermostat will have a bearing on this  the normal for UK IS 82c  but there are 78c and 88c available these will change the normal needle position


if its reading high all the time you may find the fuel gauge is also , this indicates the 10volt voltage stabiliser that runs a steady voltage to the gauges has failed .

its fitted to the back of the speedo clamps ,




hand books and manuals  are available from club shop    Ha !!   put them on your first wish list


and carb dash pots take engine oil not 3 in 1

stick to  20/50 engine oils with good ZZd's for old pushrod engines

and never grease the front trunions  EP90 GL4 spec oil only  same in gearbox and diff  never GL5


all other grease points can be multi purpose grease  uj, rear hubs, front hubs  



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Start with club shop


depends on your mileage and how you use the car

you can get basic 20/50 for around £ 8-10 or a full blown around £ 18- 24


the addatives make all the difference to keeping presssure and life


ive used the cheapo and found it could halve its pressure when worked hard

where as fhe good stuff holds up without fail, gets what you pays for



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