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Spitfire 1500 Oil pressure reading?


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Most Triumph 4 & 6 Cylinder Engines are recommended to be 40-60 lbs/Sq inch at 2000 RPM?


Around 25 PSI at tick over is about right too, all figures when hot.


Use a good quality 20/50 Mineral Oil and change it at least once a year and the filter. 





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I like millers CSS20-60, but my cars are driven hard. For most people a quality oil with a spec will be fine. Comma, millers, penrite, valvoline all make 20/50 oils. And a few others.

But be aware that the 1500 is the triumph engine that gives oil the hardest time of any engine. If using for motorway trips at/about the speed limit, or driven hard, do look at the valvoline VR1 (from eurocarparts, usually cheapest and free delivery) or millers css.

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