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GT6 3 boot floor fixing


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Does anyone know of a source for the 2 ball studs which secure the spare wheel floor. All the online sites aren't helpful with dimensions,making it tricky to  know what to go for .

Or can anyone supply the sizes so I can get some turned up.? 

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I have an original one. The max diameter of the ball is 8.8mm; the fastening is a female thread of 4.8mm (which must be UNF 10-32) and the across flats of the hexagon (for the spanner) is 3/8th inch.

But there's a fair chance that the offering from Bresco ('5mm') will do the job provided the captive plates are replaced at the same time.


I got my new ones off eBay and they're fine. But I don't see them listed at the moment but they do get relisted from time to time.



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