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Soft Top Mildew

Pete Lewis

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one of my area members has a Z3  ( !!!) which has a load of mildew, algae  in the soft top material 

they have tried Renovo and Milton with out success


anyone who loves convertibles  I would like to    'canvass ' any  bright idea's  ??? 

any rude replies on a postcard please    




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I put my seat covers through the washing machine, they came out pristine, to my surprise! But I don't suppose that's an option here!   :D


A 50% solution of water and white vinegar worked well on my garden parasol, had to scrub it and do it twice. And water and washing up liquid to get rid of the smell!

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To add in some of the email correspondence on the subject circulating on Pete Lewis's email distribution of the question :



Alan Gower :

I use autoglym soft top kit. Shampoo and separate water proofer. You have a nylon scourer to rub the shampoo  in. It's pretty good


Andy Mackenzie :

I used a toothbrush gently with plain water, on an Audi fabric hood a few years ago - and then kept it well away from tree sap which was what seemed to cause the trouble in the first place.

Tedious and risks raising the pile, but it worked for me.  I then used one of the staining products (Renovo?) which made it nice and uniformly dark again and stained the stitching which had faded slightly.

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