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Gt6 mk3 rear clonk

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Hi all. 

Just looking for some potential direction. 

My gt6 has some vibrations and noises from the rear. Vibration kick in at about 50 mph.  I am sure there is a noisy wheelbearing also. 

I do know there is some slop on the uv joints. 

However there is a sharp knock noise that sounds like its from the rear left wing.  With car stationary pressing up and down on the wing results in no noise.  However if I push the rear left wing to the right it knocks once. Push again and nothing. Push the right hand wing to the left and I get the one knock from the left side. Totally repeatable.

Any ideas before I get under the car? 

Cheers all. 


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Vibration at 50 is classic prop in and/or balance.

The knock.... I think you will have to concentrate on one thing at a time. Disconnect the lh shock at one end and see if it still knocks. Then spring eye. That enables you to feel the wheel bearing without it being under tension.

Don't forget tie rods, I had one where a PO had helpfully used a 5/16 bolt (rather than 3/8) causing a knock when pulling away or braking. Easy fix that one...

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The half-shaft UJs MUST NOT HAVE ANY SLACK. You can get away with a little bit on the propshaft ones, but only a very little bit. Any play in the half-shaft UJs will cause bad handling, vibration, clonking, and fairly rapid terminal failure. Get them changed ASAP.

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Yes that's what I thought.  I tightened the chassis to body bolt in the boot and masivly reduced the knock sound. So guess it needs new bushes all round. Hardly supprising I guess.  Noticed today the shocks have girling on them. Must be old...... 

Got a list as long as the country of jobs to do.... 

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