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prap, poop, pah , peep

Pete Lewis

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lurking in the cupboard i have a 12volt bremse 4 trumpet electric horns all self contained witha big motor and compressor,  Beaulieu have a 6volt and never heard of a 12volt  this is circa 1928 

needs new reeds as it is a little flat , it just blows each of the 4 horns in sequence , not colonel bogie

any clues about is origin or worth or interest to some musical geek with a load of spare trumpet parts


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update  sold by Bonhams in RAF Hendon today   £385

better than a whack with a wet fish, someones got some work to do to really power out a note 

interesting stuff , like a leather  folder &  handbook for some Ferrari £ 2500    are they mad ???

parts list for 62 Roller  £750 ???

all a bit looney deep pockets , nice cars but many never had a bum on a seat .   what a waste of a car


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