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VITESSE Mk2 - Now you hear it & now you do not


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This is very quick question and I would suspect a quick answer:


With the engine running & gear in neutral I can hear a whirring sound from the g/box or clutch area. When the clutch is depressed the noise disappears.


I am happy the thrust washers are fine, as no drop in revs.


As such, is this noise likely to be the clutch thrust washer / bearing starting to wear or worn ??





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It could be the release bearing just touching the fingers on the clutch diaphragm spring, but I would suspect that it is more likely to be the bearings in the gearbox you can hear - input shaft and lay shaft.


When the box is in neutral, the input shaft and layshaft are still driven by the engine, and selecting a gear connects the main shaft into the driveline.


Putting your foot on the clutch disconnects the drive into the gearbox, thus the noise stops.

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Thanks Kevin.


That is useful and sheds light on the situation.


My 3rd gear crunches sometimes when moving it from 4th to 3rd, so I guess I may as well wait until the end of the year and have the g/box out during which the clutch can be replaced. 


That should sort all the problems..............................hopefully !!


Best wishes.



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an old trick is with it idling just load the gear stick into 3rd,  it will baulk


if the noise lessens its just all the   gears and lay gear  backlash chattering away.


if you  just touch the clutch pedal with a finger pressure and the noise lessens its throwout skid ( squeaky noise)  


if it growls  its throwout bearing 


all the boxes make a clatter and whirring at idle its supposed to


if you get a clutch kit make sure the throwout is 19mm thick , many are 15mm thick and this upsets the angle of the lever 

and you loose mechanical advantage.


also uts the pins below the centre line of the brg and pitches the brg on the carrier ,,, sort of geometric nightmare


solution  bodge is to add washers under the spherical post ,    puts the lever in its correct angle


good isnt it,  !!!



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