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windscreen scratches - removal


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Most likely on the glass surface, do they follow the wiper blade radius?.

If you can feel them witha fingernail probably too deep to polish out but worth a try.    https://www.frost.co.uk/glass-polishing-kit-windscreen-glass-scratch-glazed-repair.html

But be warned, it's HARD WORK!    Even using a powerful drill to spin the polisher, your arms will ache!


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Is it laminated or toughènd???

Laminated is easier to polish.

Ive used a similar kit of fleabay to reduce a previous owners wiper arm damage, its a slow process but you can only see the arc in certain 

light  but the wiper won't squeegee the polished area as its   glass surface is lowered  

Most aged glass suffers micro chips and in a low sun gives you loads of star bursts

More so with soft laminated  less with toughend

The answer is get some smog back to dull the sun and make the planet cooler 

A bright burning low  sun in this bright blue clear sky  is is   down to  cleaning up.....making it hotter !!!!

Well theres only tennis on the tv.

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Hello Dave,

As John says it is very hard work and labour intensive. I have used the Frost kit on a couple of occasions and the result was excellent - however this was for a single surface scratch on each of the respective screens.

You need to be careful not to have the polishing pad on the glass for too long, as the heat generated can in some instances cause the glass to crack.

I feel that if you have the amount of crazing / scratches on the glass as you say, it may well be worth looking for a replacement windscreen and perhaps safer in the long run. 

You did not mention your car model.

Good luck.


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4 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

I've checked Dave's profile and it says 1970 Herald convertible, so a replacement should be readily available.

They come up on Ebay fairly often and cheap, though "good condition", might be subjective. Also the ones I've seen, have always been "collection only" as difficult/time consuming to pack safely I imagine.

Somewhere like Spit Graveyard may sent them, as always found them dead obliging?.

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Do any of the major supplies have remanufactured ones? Pricey I'm sure, but it would be nice to know they were available. I must go and have a quick search...

Yep they're available - first I checked was Rimmers at just over £105... it's good to know as I haven't checked the state of my spares.

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i had a sun dym on the Vit6 but sitting tall could see at night , so it came out for a plain one

and being a laminate it cracked when booted out, should have cut the rubber .it saved trying to sell it on   Ha !

over the years done a lot of screen work with dry seals and self draining but when we had the early  Magnums in the plant some investigation was in order and we 

had to nick some platform step to get anywhere near  it   

my first impression was the like of driving a double decker bus from the upstairs   ... some truck 



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