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The embarrassing Herald restoration thread - you think YOU'VE got problems?

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38 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

I think I'm right in that the pipes go round the rear of the rear suspension turret and above the boot outrigger, but it still looks so untidy.

They definitely go along the back of the suspension saddle, and they definitely run parallel to the brake pipe along the chassis rails, so taking them above the boot outrigger next to the brake pipe does seem likely to be correct.

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  • Colin Lindsay changed the title to The embarrassing Herald restoration thread - idle hands and the Devil's work...

Well, if there are some things that I can't do, and I'm bored, I'll find something else to do. Back to the white 13/60.

I could feel the front wheels rocking if I pulled on the top of the tyres, so sandblasted a pair of old hubs, fitted new brake discs, and replaced the front bearings on both sides. The replacement oil seals do cause a lot of faffing about in that they give a false impression of tightness, so that after nine turns of the nut the hub was locked solid, so I fitted the wheel, and was so alarmed at the movement when I spun it that I went for another complete turn, which locked the hub completely. Once the wheel was fitted and spun round, things loosened up yet again so we needed yet more turns of the castellated nut until I was happy that we're now movement free and hopefully at the correct endfloat.

IMG_0322.jpg.8918f4ed7cddf55f31aca133f791aeb6.jpg  IMG_0321.jpg.ab959b6d632bace8e915bf01c384630d.jpg

Oh, and I added stainless brake disc shields too; they've been on the shelf for years so I might as well.

After that, I replaced the broken inner door handle - you can see why it waved about a lot.


THEN: as I was still raring to go, I rebuilt a replacement carb which will hopefully cure the sticking choke mechanism, due I think to bent components, and at the same time repainted the Triumph badge from the boot that had lost most of its' paint.

CFC87B3F-4EA2-45CA-81FA-14E9AF7DCB98_1_105_c.jpg.829e97682881cd539d625a12e3f2ce2b.jpg  D2332556-A3AF-4259-898B-920DEB7774A7_1_105_c.jpg.2a932aa6545cb5e4e22e604b9e1efd20.jpg

I don't think the badge turned out very well. I'll have to source a better one... :(

As I can spray paint better than I brush paint I also sandblasted and refurbished replacement front wishbones, so that when the time comes I can simply swap the front suspension over for newly bushed replacements. The pair that comes off will get the same treatment if they're fit to be reused.


...and finally.... as I was at the rear of the car anyway... I cleaned the rear light lens and reflector; soapy water for the first and Autosol for the latter. It makes quite a difference! Can you spot the clean side? Now for the other side... plus the number plate illumination lamp cleaned up very well too. It was completely black before, no light at all. Be bright, be seen, as they say...

1EA32948-0C25-4FD9-AA17-FAED312AB8FD_1_105_c.jpg.0f92afa63514a5046d372046d668cbf1.jpg  4DDDC357-FE49-415B-9374-DBD13917002D_1_105_c.jpg.625194db0c0b887faf31e25bc0b738f8.jpg

Major jobs for the winter are an overdrive conversion and interior soundproof and retrim, but that's for December or thereabouts. In the meantime I'm off tomorrow to try to scrounge an MOT, once someone else has checked the newly aligned headlamps.




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11 hours ago, Badwolf said:

Colin - Did you find the reason for the problems with the headlight alignment or did I miss that bit?

The MOT Centre state they could not register the lights at all, no 'dot pattern' on their machine no matter what they tried. I'm going to talk to a local mechanic later today to see what the options are for a four-headlamp assembly. That's the final job before retest, apart from a last-minute check of the bearings that are just niggling me as to correct endfloat.

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31 minutes ago, Mathew said:

Can you borrow the lights from one of your other cars?

If I recall Colin's fleet list correctly, all his other cars have 7" headlights, while this one has a Vitesse bonnet with 5" headlights.

Anyway, my Vitesse has been running a set of slightly rust bubbled (and in one case, completely rusted out) headlamp reflectors as long as I've owned it and it's never failed the MOT on them! I have just replaced them, since the welding it's needed meant I'd had to remove the headlights anyway.

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2 hours ago, Mathew said:

Thats a strange one with the end float! Normally its just tighten till not moving then back off a tad. New bearings required? 

It was one of the MOT failures (the sheet says "excessive movement at suspension ball joint, nearside front lower" Darned if I can find any but the bearings did rock) unless they mean steering track rod end? So I fitted new bearings and new oil seals; on one the felt is very thick indeed. I pre-greased it before fitting. The hub locked solid, I backed off one flat, it rotated; put the wheel on, spun it, and it nearly fell off with the free movement. Split pin out again, nut tightened one complete rotation, locked up again, wheel back on, rotated, and again, loads of movement. It's now on its' third tighten-up and hopefully both are correct; there's free spin and no movement when rocked. I've never had that before on any car, but am going to check again this afternoon.

Headlamps on the bonnet are indeed Vitesse (that bonnet was fitted back in the 1970s!) so all I can do is free up the adjusters and have them professionally aligned. Here's what it says on the MOT Refusal sheet; as you can see the headlamp data is just two question marks:

MOTref.jpg.482d7bc70382dad1b1bf6c0c4d4bfebe.jpg  204954403_MOTref21.jpg.07d4eebebb33ed01862d629ca033a959.jpg


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Went out and checked; no further movement. In the meantime the Postman has called, so fitted some bling to the rear... new gasket sourced for a spare numberplate light cowl which has cleaned up much better than the scratched original; and TR6 overdrive badge fitted in place of the 13/60 badge. I love shiny bits!


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Re the felt hub seals somewhere in the past I read when fitting new ones soak them in oil for a couple of days, then squeeze the surplus oil out and leave compressed for a period (I left a week) then fit and reassemble hub and adjust, this process worked for me.

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That I must try - they're harder to fit when dry and the grease sits mostly on the surface.

The MOT is imminent, I may get a cancellation by the weekend, so in order to blind the tester I went through my collection of spare shiny bits looking for better hub caps than those already fitted, and found a set of four from a long-gone Herald which a PO, for some reason known only to himself, had painted silver. They looked suspiciously dent-free, so I went at them with paint stripper and Autosol. I was right - nothing wrong with them at all, and they've turned out amazingly shiny. Why do people do these things?

45E4EA35-CE55-43EE-BD65-D1D2F8897FC2_1_105_c.jpg.c2f4d102d5236557df102cf079590e58.jpg  23318372-AFC3-4A2F-8CF8-212F7161223A_1_105_c.jpg.bb77bf61b3a426095df683f85428f22c.jpg

It reminds me of one of my earlier Heralds, on which the elderly PO had rejuvenated the interior by painting seats, door trims and other trim panels in gloss black paint... not to mention the porthole-effect of the door trims and self-tappers...


I still have that steering wheel, though, with the tightly-wrapped cover... it'll eventually go on my 1200 convertible. Very comfortable to grip when driving.


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  • Colin Lindsay changed the title to The embarrassing Herald restoration thread - sometimes wrong, sometimes right...

After all of the faffing about trying to locate a replacement 13/60 manifold due to a water leak from pinholed pipes, I managed to source two at the same time. To be sure, you may say, but after cleaning them up and debating which to fit I started up the Herald again this afternoon prior to an oil change. I don't think I need to change it so much as replace it... talk about marking territory. It's not coming from the rocker cover, but either the rear oil seal, or a suspiciously wet patch below the fuel pump. Either way, it's a lot. It's also pale brown and a bit mayonnaise-tainted, but could have been in there for the last decade. I'll monitor the new stuff, which is Penrite Classic. High in zinc, too...


So: while the engine is getting up to warmth, the small spurts of steam from the manifold caught my eye. Is it leaking from underneath? Further along? Or: surely not from the hose and running down? A quick check of the pipe revealed water on the underside and a loose hose. NOT THE FLAMING MANIFOLD AT ALL but an untightened hose clip, sorted in ten seconds with a screwdriver. Ah well, I've now got three good manifolds... 


The oil change was pretty straightforward, except that the seized sump plug necessitated taking off the front wheel to gain better access. Once it came off I was concerned for my new discs:


I know I refitted the original EBC Greenstuff pads when I replaced the discs but they're new, fitted by the PO just before the sale in a vain attempt to pass MOT. I'm sorry guys but I normally detest the things, so off they came; but no grit or other nasties could be found trapped in the material to explain the marks. However it's just as well that I did replace them, as I noticed something I hadn't when I replaced the discs and bearings.

71963619-07CA-4BF9-90D9-426F96A340AE_1_105_c.jpg.86731862966bcad81f51fdddab714a68.jpg  D05AD81C-2B5B-450F-8B0A-4F41D011D527_1_105_c.jpg.b993aec2b77c821b8dcf120400fadba6.jpg

There are no rubber seals on the caliper. As the car has not been used on the road since my ownership they can't have fallen off since the disc change; all I can assume is that I never noticed once the pistons were fully retracted. I am seriously, seriously, amazed that the PO lived as long as he did, driving the car for hundreds of miles in that state, and more so that the 'mechanic' who replaced the pads and hoses for him never noticed either. I do have caliper kits and new pistons in the drawer, but am wondering if a new pair of type 14 calipers might not be the best option. After all, it's now my foot on the pedal, not his.

So: the Greenstuff pads are going in the bin - my second set to go that way - and in the way of Triumph swings and roundabouts I don't need to replace the manifold but now need to replace the brakes. Great. Maybe I should just tie a string to it and throw the manifold out of the car and use it as an anchor. Or beat some sense into the PO with it.



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On 22/09/2021 at 23:14, Peter Truman said:

Colin your building up enough spares to build another Herald!

I thought that about my spitfire, turns out there are alot of bits you need that you don't realise until you look for them, i do have alot of doubles and tripples though!

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On 23/09/2021 at 08:41, Colin Lindsay said:

If only I could actually get a Herald rebuilt..! :)

Three projects, zero road use.

Your have to buy another for the road. As by then your workshop will be so full you have to keep it on the road!

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I'm getting there... this morning's work is rebuilding the front caliper for the 13/60 then trying to stop the massive oil leak; I think the MOT man would fail me for making a mess of his nice clean floor. I moved it onto the ramp - a lot of fear and trepidation, given the state of the rest of the car, but the chassis is amazingly sound. Oil leaks from everywhere, diff gearbox and engine, but I tightened up the sump bolts, all of which were loose, and that might help. There's a slight blow-out in the exhaust silencer, but I'm getting there.

One off the ramp and out, one back in and onto the ramp.


I have an exhaust to sort out on a Fiesta this afternoon - it's banging over bumps - plus the Freelander brakes are terrible so need to address those as we're heading off tomorrow... another TSSC Run in a modern... but I'm feeling happier now that I found no nasties under the 13/60. 



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nice aspect Colin, pity to drop oil onto it!! You obviously have enough wheels (incl trailers) to keep you very busy!

Like you and Matthew I have enough spare parts to mech rebuild a herald or spitfire, spares mostly on 7mts long by 2.2mts high 5 shelf industrial shelving around the biggish double garage walls, a full front suspension set up both sides incl turrents and brakes, plus rear drive axles, hubs and vertical links, spare engines 1500, and 2 lt, spare g/box's Dolly 1850 for Vitesse, and a 1500 with J Type, spare 4:11 diff rebuilt, herald/Vitesse rear wings, Spitfire rads, NOS Herald steering rack, rebuilt steering column incl new indicator & headlight switch's, plus grey steering wheel, box's of new suspension and steering parts, box's of new wheel bearings for Herald/Spit and Vitesse, Herald/Vitesse NOS Stanpart front outriggers, home made Spit front outriggers, spare Spit GT6 chassis, various prop shafts, I could make a bitsa Spit/GT6 rolling chassis!! Oh I also have a spare complete Sprint engine, must rebuild it in case!! daughter would love to put a Sprint engine in the Spit, not going there to much mod reqd.

In case I fall off the perch all parts have tags or titles on the box's explaining what there for and their state of reconditioning, so the daughter (Spit Mk2) can sort out what she wants to keep or get rid of, sons not interested. I now have a little spare shelf space having given away all my Jag X Type spares to a Jag fanatic for use by that club. Now what can I buy!!

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Are we all like that peter? There seems no end of spares we collect , just in case! I've only really started to get to drive my spit and 2500s. Let alone need some of the spares for them . Spare low milage puma engine, just in case! Still i have the yellow spitfire to complete assembly when im well. 

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  • Colin Lindsay changed the title to The embarrassing Herald restoration thread - you think YOU'VE got problems?

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