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Grease nipples for prop shaft sliding joint and prop rear U/J

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Hi. These look a lot smaller than usual.  The shortened prop was fitted, as part of a J Type O/D conversion on Vitesse, around 2003 by Canley.

Is this the usual size for generic prop and prop U/J please?.

Thanks, Dave 

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Cheers Pete.  I'm also assuming the nipple is standard. it's the threaded end. A pretty small/narrow blanking grub screw, with for an Allen key on the U/J and a grease nipple on the prop, sliding joint (which I have been able to grease) which has the corresponding narrow thread shank.

I want to ideally, buy a couple of the same size nipples to make up an extended nipple, as the grease gun wont get into the U/J.

Will phone Canley, as it appears they supplied the prop.They might shed some light?.


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