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Spitfire 1500 reverse gear selection


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You may have read my post about holiday disaster. I've now got the car running. But the 1st time I tried to select reverse the lever just swings round to the right as though there is no reverse gate . If I'm carefull I can find the reverse gate but the gears grind a little before engaging. 

I think the breakdown people must have forced something trying to find reverse .

Any ideas of what I need to look for ? Is there a stop that could've been broken , or linkage problem? This is single rail , I really have had enough of this experience.

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there are no reverse locks on the single rail its all done by rotating the spools inside, there are two pins which control /restrict ant stick rotation the are a light press fit in the alloy hsg, and they do come loose and disappear, the sprung bayonet cap should constrain them ...,  it time to take the tunnel out and have a look 

this is the joys of the awful single rail box   it can be troublesome,  as can the 3 rail , which is simpler and easier to repair.

if the  single rail spherical on the stick has worn then its not diy  repairable  due to the anti vibro body is not removable



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