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150CD parts

Phil C

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Hi Colin

Thanks for your help with this.

The one on the right looks closest although the arm positions appear to be further apart. May create more resistance but depends on spring strength? I'm sure it would fit.

Where are these available?

I attach picture below showing the butterfly spring on the left and the starter bar on the right.



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2 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

ok   two it is  

wait till Colin gives the contact details    the gales are slowing up broadcasts from over the sea !!!!!!!!!!!

the rh does look a fair match,   has the right tails 


Just back from a Club run - they make hardy Triumph Owners over here! Lightning reflects beautifully off Triumph White.... :)

Search for Stromberg Throttle Return Spring, just found some on eBay.


As for the second one: these are close, they may need that long leg trimmed slightly at one end...


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Bit blowy down here too. Had to batten down the hatches yesterday with 60mph gusts!

Thanks for the links Colin. The starter bar spring needs to be a larger diameter than the throttle. Burlen have throttle springs in stock.

Not sure of the diameter of the Stag spring but will order one and see how I get on. 

To motivate myself I bolted on my first bit of bling yesterday. A nice alloy rocker cover 😎



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18 hours ago, daverclasper said:

 If you need to get it going before you get one.



 eBay estimated delivery of spring - Wed 14th August.

My estimate of Vitesse running - 2021 (optimistic!)

So shouldn't be a problem.

Seriously though your point re one spring being sufficient is probably valid but Im sure I can find something else to fit if the Stag spring doesn't work.

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Spring Update.

Stag spring arrived. Diameter is ok but as expected tails are different but nothing that can't be altered.

Width is much larger. Not sure how this will impact, probably just an aesthetic thing? Need to commence rebuild and see how it works out. Will post picture of fitted spring later (if successful!!)

Photos below. Stag throttle spring on left, Vitesse starter bar spring on right - except for last one🤓.


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Following on from this mornings post I can now report the Stag throttle return spring is a good replacement for the CD150 starter bar return spring. It needs to be altered to get the tails in the correct place but this was not difficult with pliers.

Second picture below show the correct spring in place (foreground) and the first picture shows the modified Stag spring. As can be seen the latter does not sit squarely but does function fine.





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I'm no metals expert! I didn't anneal it first but simply used long nose pliers. I don't think I could bend it more than once so had to be accurate first time.

With hindsight heating it first would probably have been a good idea 🤓

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