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Herald 1200 twin carbs?


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Hello everyone,

Am I right in thinking that there were 1200s with a twin carb(Strombergs)set up? Maybe they were export. I am interested at some point at finding and some and fitting them to my 65 Herald convertible (full restoration starting soon).



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Twin Stromberg (1 1/4") carbs and manifolds were available from Alexander Tuning (and perhaps others).


The usual route is to use twin 1/4" SUs using an inlet manifold from a Mk 1 or Mk 2 Spitfire.  There are a number of relatively minor issues even going down this route.


PM me with your email address and I can send you a Word doc with some useful info. (Be quick or you won't get it 'til after the weekend.)


BTW, if your car is before November 1964 it has the lower powered engine anyway.  The 'Hot Cam' Herald was from Engine No. GA178101HE



<edit>  Silly me, I see yours is a '65 but it might be worth checking the engine number anyway


Twin Carbs (SU) were a factory option, or an aftermarket accessory



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Early Herald coupes were sold with twin carbs, and they were an optional extra on other Heralds. They used twin SUs although the Alexander conversion used twin 1.25 Strombergs. Easiest route (as the Herald versions are scarce these days) is to find a manifold from a Spitfire and use that setup, the early Spitfire engine was the same 1147cc size as the Herald so should be a straight fit. You’ll need to modify brackets and cables etc. Simply adding twin carbs won’t do much to the performance, you ideally need a hotter camshaft and possibly minor head reworking to get the best performance boost. 

The photo is of the Alexander system I briefly used on my otherwise unmodified 1200 before deciding it ran better on a single Solex and went back to that.




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