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Where are the For Sale adverts?


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Hello - I am the AO for Wirral - well, In fact I am the TSSC rep for a local Triumph club who have asked me to to register as AO in case somebody wishes to attend our joint meetings.  However, I don't personally organise anything.  

The details of club night is correct but I notice if I press the email AO button, I get a random email address appear (it's correct in the mag).  I'm logged in but don't see any admin privaliges where I can provide updates.   Can anybody advise please?  




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1 hour ago, clive said:

Ok seems a bit random. I often manage to log out, no idea how I did it...


You can say that again!  Sometimes I log in and it gives me limited access without contact details, at other times I log in and it gives me full access including contact details.

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