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I need a Spitfire body tub


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On 20/08/2019 at 19:29, rlubikey said:

Nick, how about Spitbitz near Reading - just down the M4 from you. Norman seems to specialise in parts, but he may have a body he's stripped? Give him a ring, but if he has something make sure you see it before committing yourself. No connection, etc.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard

I just picked up my body tub from SpitBitz, so thank yo for the heads up. It is a very sad body with loads of holes, especially in the floor and sills. 

I will make new panels from 16g sheet steel. The rear driver's side wing is shot but as I will need to remodel the back of the car to suit the 12" longer wheelbase, that should not be an issue.

The body has been in their yard for ages, so will take a while to dry out.

As my car is going to be mid engined I had a rough measure up and it looks like the engine will fit nicely behind the rear seat. I still want to move the body tub forward 3" or so to shorten the front, and lengthen teh rear, otherwise there will be too much weight at the back.

Just need some sill panels and some dry weather now!



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