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Fitting Master Cylinder drip trays


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Hi all,

Having had the brake master cylinder start to weep again (second time in 17 years isn't bad) I decided to replace the old Girling unit with a modern replacement which has the definite benefit to my eyes of a translucent reservoir. To complement this & save the old paintwork I have also fitted a drip tray.

As you can see it fits very well apart from the hole for the boot. I didn't consider this an issue at first & have now sealed the tray to the bulkhead with mastic.

The boot now obviously does not fit the hole, but then again it's an original item, probably 46 years old & didn't fit before.

Any ideas?





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12 hours ago, blubayou said:

it's an original item, probably 46 years old & didn't fit before.

Lucky to last so long! I've got new boots. They are a bugger to fit! I've tried boiling them to soften them up, grease, oil, nothing works. I think they are just too big for the holes, I'm contemplating bathroom sealant. But, I don't need the drip tray, silicone brake fluid is wonderful stuff.


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When we eventually leave the EU (if ever under this lot) can we go back to proper rubber boots and Nitromoors that is stronger than cats wee etc etc and everything thats formula has been changed to suit go back to original including decent high octane petrol with NO ethanol. Now even tyre rubber from  my pushbike is apparently killing 3 people worldwide a year!

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The replacement master cylinder boots never seem to fit and the quality of the 'rubber' is cr*p. It is too hard and not pliable enough. It would be interesting to take a survey at a meeting/show to see how many aren't seated around the edge properly. Mine aren't, I gave that idea up very quickly. I did read an idea to fit the boot like a windscreen by putting string around the groove and pulling it through from the inside. You need to be very bendy for that.. the usual upside down, feet over the back of the seat, inspection lamp singeing your ears.... then the phone rings or the JWs come to the door to save your frazzled soul!!

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Well all fitted & working now. I opened up the ally to match the original hole.

Neither the original boot or a repro would fit properly. you can see the difference in length of the old & new.

The old was too distorted to stay in place. I cut all of the flange off the new one except for the toe end, hoping this would dig in & hold it fairly well in place.



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These things are a real struggle and I have never been  satisfied with the   fit !

With respect  to originality the mere thought of this is heresy, but..

 -I have wondered..  would it possible to  fabricate a metal “box” for each  with a removable top panel for access to the joints and be done with the darned things?

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On 31/05/2021 at 15:14, blubayou said:

Well, the drip tray works...

Master cylinder 400 miles & 21 months old.

It would appear to be leaking from the joint of reservoir to cylinder.


You say "drip try works", while I wonder if that brake fluid isn't getting under the washer and spreading unseen beneath the drip tray...?

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