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Fuel vaporisation?

Mike R

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Dear helpful fellow triumpheers ....

This one is stumping me slightly ... I’ve posted in fuel section because the symptoms point me towards fuel ... but see what you think.

3hr journey in GT6 mk3, mostly on dual carriage way / fast A road / some motorway. No problems at all for first hr till came to start stop traffic. Temperature rose a little to not far from the red, but still no issue.

Got past the traffic and back on fast road and cruising at 70 got a loss of power for a second or 2. Then normal, and then power loss again. Not total loss, but a definite problem.

Then running fine again for another half hour. Until leaving the motorway another section of slow traffic. After joining the next section of fast road got the same symptoms for a minute or 2 again.

Then fine for the remaining hour of journey including dual carriageway 70 mph driving.

My thoughts were fuel vaporisation from the periods of slow traffic? Although seems odd that didn’t affect until past the slow traffic. Or maybe the infamous rubber slivers? Although, would expect fuel blockage by slivers to affect more often.

Being so intermittent very difficult to troubleshoot anything.



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Im sure the ideas of vapourising is an idea  used  and is masking other problems 

i would look for an air leak into the suction between tank and pump,  how good is the pump ,  ( it gives good volume of squirts) and then hunt the slivers especially if any pipes have been recently disturbed 


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Ok, thanks Doug .... gives me somewhere to start

I’ve got plastic fuel filter pre mechy pump ... so either filter no good (were cheap off fleabay) or bits from the hoses.

I might just change the rubber hoses from filter to carbs as not sure of the provenence ... think I bought R9 last time, but probably fleabay again.


Mike (used to know someone called Dan)

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Two comments , petrol fuel doesnt ignite from hot  exhausts ......  brake fluid will

Last notes we had from  main fuel co states no   ethanol in 97ron  in uk  fuels (at present)

Get the feeling we need myth busters ??

Sure we need good quality hoses not the poor stuff on sale .   But like many must haves the facts are distorted to make a need to

have into a a must have  panic .


We have had ethanol in 95ron for a long time now any who have to use it have not dissolved their carbs yet ..



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