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Head Gasket - To Seal Or Not To Seal, that is the question!


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I am about to put my Spitfire 1500 head back on the engine block, after an engine refresh. The head gasket I have is the composite type, came in a Rimmers gasket set. There seems to be a difference of thought about whether head gaskets need a bit of sealant. I have always fitted mine dry and not had any undue issues. The head and block look good by steel rule check, but as these engines have been around a bit now, some people suggest a drop of sealant to make up for any alignment issues.

Thoughts please?


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old school rule is they must be fitted dry to enable 'Grip'  you dont want anything slippery on the faces 

unless it specifically says so   eg the steel shim gasket on a 1600 calls for sealant   like Wellseal   not a silcon based 

a very light smear of sealer along the edge of the cam chest and around the rocker oil feed  hole in the rear corner ,but please keep the main faces on composite or copper dry


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