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Rotoflex GT6 mk3 radius arms

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The radius arms on mine are straight, but then they don't match any in the manual or parts catalogue! They fit directly into the brackets without hint of a need for an offset. Mine don't have the turn buckle arrangement; the rear section simply screws into the front. Means to adjust you have to disconnect one end, then reconnect, check etc until the rear toe is correct.

The parts manual seems to show straight arms for the GT6, although front and rear are different part numbers presumably for threading.


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See attached photo of a Vitesse Mk2 publicity shot showing the rear suspension, the radius arms appear straight with mounting brackets offset, so I assume that means the GT6 are offset.

Hope this helps, its too wet & cold tonight to go into the garage, grovel down & check!

Peter T



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Did this ever get resolved?

I'm putting my GT6 Mkll back together, which had bent adjusters so I'm replacing them, but the dimension in the workshop manual (424.4mm) would make reassembly impossible, and my radius arms are not offset either??

The vitesse dimensions (373.6mm) appear to be much more likely, would they be correct???


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Don`t know about MK 2 Vitesse,i have a MK 1 Vit that i converted to CV which meant using the Rotoflex wishbones and tie rods,the Roto ones are straight and adjustable

(the non roto ones are not straight or adjustable)and i had to drill the outrigger more inboard of the original and bolt the mount bracket to get the correct offset for the bars.

I have a set of tie bars in my shed intended for my Herald that i could measure,i have no idea what car they came off though.


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The Spitfire ones are definitely shorter than Herald ones, so I'd expect Mk2 GT6 ones to be shorter than Mk2 Vitesse. Indeed, my copy of the WSM gives 373.6mm for the GT6 and 424.4mm for the Vitesse. It does show the Vitesse ones are square ended and the GT6 as angled, though.

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