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Roof Panel removal . Triumph Vitesse

Paul H

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Hi removing  the roof panel on my Vitesse . 

Following the WSM I have removed the 3 bolts accessible from the boot . Removed the 2 bolts from the header rail after removing the sun visor / mirror assembly .

WSM says remove Quarter lights and Backlight . Can’t find what the Backlight is .Is it the rear window? 

It looks logical to retain the quarter lights in place as they should fall out when the roof is raised 

Finally any tips , tricks for removal appreciated . Plan is to suspend the roof section from the garage ceiling 



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theres a risk the quarterlights can fall out and smash as you lift the roof off although if sealant has been used on the rubbers most likely theyll stay in place. Sealant will probably have been used in other places like the front and rear edges and can be well stuck if this is the first time of removing the roof since manufacture. Also I believe my B posts were rivetted to the rear wings at the base and these needed to be drilled out first. Otherwise its just lift off with the help of an assistant taking care not to damage or mark the headlining  which can be fragile above the doors....

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Thanks Johny , the plan was to remove the roof so I can reduce the body tub spread by narrowing the B post distance with a ratchet strap or similar device. Currently the passenger door base is 6 mm proud until 10 mins ago when I removed the door trim and then he hoy the gap reduced to something much more acceptable 😄😄😄😄

looks like the trim is the wrong section 


I will remove 1/3 rd of the round section and see what happens , if this doesn’t work purchase the correct profile .

These are the gaps now 




I’ve still got some work to do though looks like I no longer need to remove the roof . The boot catches on the drivers side so now looking to jack the wings apart to improve the gap .

Thanks for your input




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I believe pattern part seals can sometimes give problems as theyre not the same as the original (dont know what youve got). However I spent a long time adjusting my doors and getting the seals right by tapping the metal flange that they fit on into the correct position to give a positive seal all the way round without any 'tight spots'.

I wouldnt remove the remove the roof except for a good reason such as rust repair etc as you run the risk of it not sealing or making creaking noises afterwards....

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The rear 1/4glass will fall out when lifting, the rear wind can stay in place  but the door seals have solved the not Tub spread , spread 

With door shut compare the seal gap around the  shut flange  but thats looking 100% better than at duxford

Yes slice the seal to make a single flip not the at rubbish balloon profile  I did this before a got the single flip  from good old bill davies 

Have  look on c o baines site for a knock on single flip seal ..much cheaper and  you get what you select not the usual 

Aftermarket that will   do offering everyoje sells

Just been looking at the club courier van and thats got doors out at bottom as had many of the cars today at the open day scarecrow 

Weekend at lubenham but I didnt look  at the door seals 




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