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Temperature Sensor

Bob Shoosmith

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I have a Moss Malvern based on a GT6 Mk3. Space within the engine bay is very restricted, and I am trying to locate where the water temperature sensor is located. The gauge has stopped working, and I am trying to eliminate all possible problems. The Haynes manual has it in the thermostat housing, but mine is not there. Does anybody know where else it could be located.

Thank you.

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Hi Clive

Yes it used to work fine. Its recently come back from a body shop after a re spray, since then it has not worked. I asked the painter if he knew of anything he may of disconnected, but he doesn`t.

As I say, there is very little room inside the engine bay and is very restricted unless you are 2 foot tall with a triple articulated neck and arms! But I will persevere!

Thanks for your help.

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