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3-rail gearbox top cover query

Andrew Palmer

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Hello everyone. I need to replace my gearbox top cover (because the threads are stripped in the stud holes and I can't torque down the gear lever remote housing).

So, I've got a used top cover and I'm about to transfer the gear selector shafts/selectors across. Only, I've just noticed that the 'new' top cover is missing the side plug that seals off the selector shaft interlock hole (part 107099). None of the usual suppliers have this plug, and the one in my old top cover is completely stuck!

Any ideas on how to get it out?!



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the bore is to house the balls and pins that interlock between the 3 selector shafts to stop getting more than one gear at a time 

theres two balls between each shaft and a pin thro the centre shaft these drop into grooves in the shaft so when one is selected the balls

lock into the other grooves and stop and shaft movement   


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On 09/09/2019 at 08:57, clive said:

another aside... Any reason you didn't just helicoil the stripped threads? may well be the easier way forward.

Thanks all. Clive, I've never done the helicoil thing and don't have the gear. Do you reckon it woudl be easier than Pete's suggestion?

... if so, can you recommend a kit?


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8mm is similar to the 5/16" but coarser thread may just give enough bite to reclaim . just dont tell the rivet counters its no unified 

dont gorilla  the fixings a nice nip is all thats required 

helicoils are available from places like machine mart and screwfix you have a tap to open the thread and the insert sprals to make the same pich and diameter as the original 

often used in alloy repairs ,  but if you dont need it very often they are a few ££

eg  https://www.screwfix.com/p/helicoil-eco-thread-repair-kit-m6-x-1-0mm-14-pieces/293fr#_=p

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I think the Helicoil kits are all more or less the same. I bought this one in UNC for the TR7, and after the initial expense just bought more inserts in the required size depending on the car I was working on, whether metric or UNF. Easy to use and works a treat.


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