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Home-made Tools and those you've adapted or modified. And also "tips and tricks".

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Over 55 years I've sworn at the difficulty in undoing the Small Chassis engine square headed sump plug, I just can't get enough purchase on the spanner even with the special square holed aftermarket variant., & I'm too lazy to jack the car up so working space is limited! 

So I made a 1in square extension tube around 15in long that fits vertically up the side of the engine between the chassis and engine topping out near the distributor, at the bottom a proprietary laser cut 1/2 in square hole sump spanner is bolted into the tube which when fitted to the sump plug using a lump hammer and hitting the top of the tube loosens the sump plug, easy peasy, the plug is easily slackened and removed! 


Triumph Square Head Sump Tool.JPG

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ok, maybe not a tool but something to make your life easier. I'd been meaning to make this for a while as it was really uncomfortable on the legs if i was sitting inside the car.  

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This is less tools, more kit.

Some find that they get an oil leak, from under the nuts that secure the rocker cover.  Doing them up tighter is not the answer.

You may be familiar with the "Dowty" washer that incorporates a rubber washer into the hole In a metal one.   Rather than source and use those (they are for high pressures!) I have fitted a fibre washer that is a loose fit on the stud, with an O-ring that is a close fit.  Over that, a plain metal, steel washer that compresses the O-ring into the gap in the fibre.

Result, no oil leak at all!   See pics



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