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2500S airbox bolts


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So took the (big, single filter in a saucepan) air supply parts off my scrapper 2000, cleaned it up, fresh coat of paint and gone to fit it to be better 2000 and...those air box->carb bolts AREN'T all the same size, but 2 different lengths (and one UNF, but let's not go there).
Anyone know where the three longer/three shorter bolts go?  Nothing in the ROM and my parts book's 150miles away.



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Haynes' manual has a diagram of the airbox.   But it shows four bolts, all look  the same,  that go into the carb throat flanges.  One other nut, that goes onto a captive bolt to hold the assembled filter housing together.      So probably no use to you, Mjit.

I'll scan if you wish.


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