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Can anyone recommend a cheap borescope for iPad as most seem to be Android ? I’m thinking it’d be useful for seeing into those hard to reach places - my gearbox still has a odd drip from somewhere, with a borescope I could in theory look at the gearbox from the oil filler hatch in the tunnel in the vain hope of spotting the leak. I could also see inside the petrol tank without messing with the sender unit etc. 

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Ebay is full of them and most don't require any software to work, or will work as an additional camera with whatever software you use for your built-in camera.

Mine has a 5m lead and leds round the 10mm camera, and cost about £5. For about £24 you can get versions with their own screen and viewer so you don't need additional software.

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 Aliexpress is a good place to get one from.

You need to choose one with a high res/MP camera.

Price is not the best guide.

Check the resolution is true & not sw generated.

I would not waste my money on one with a screen as the resolution will be kak unless you want to spend > £60. Get a decent one that will connect to IOS or use it with a cheap Andriod phone that will be far better than the camera is able.

Read the reviews & try and ignore the fake ones.




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I ordered a borescope of eBay and it was a complete disaster so ordered a replacement from euro car parts and it works fairly well, still getting to grips with directing the camera to the right place but picture quality seems ok. Used it to verify inside that the inside of the tank was clean, it is surprisingly clean with only small patches of rust, I certainly won’t be rushing to remove the tank, so all in all to me it was worth the £10. 

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