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Looking for red Spitfire, BRU 566B


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I'm looking for the current whereabouts of a red, 1964 Mark 1, registration number BRU 566B. I wonder if anyone on here can help?

I have a photo of me with the car - my father's car at the time - probably taken at the end of November 1964 or early 1965.

My father has recently died and I'd love to see this car again.

I believe the car is still in the UK (I'm in southern England).


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Thank you all for your replies - much appreciated.

That's a real shame, but I see what you mean. It does sound like it's probably gone to that great scrapyard in the sky. At least I have a photo of it.

Is there a possibility that it could have gone abroad, and that would be why it 'disappeared' from the DVLA?

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