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Gearchange Remote Bush Kit


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Hi Any one who is reading this!


My GT6Mk II has recently developed a wobbly gear lever. To get it home, I just about managed to engage gear but, I was not happy at all and the patient is sat patiently in the garage waiting to be operated on.


I am capable at what I consider to be light/medium mechanical tasks and was advised to purchase a Gearbox Remote Bush Kit which I have done


As this is new to me, I would welcome any advice on fitting this kit, what to expect and are they any pitfalls that I need to be made aware of


Thanks All


Maria :ph34r:  

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most suppliers sell the same basic kit


a couple of things to be aware of , its a simple job with a few difficulties 


first its tunnel Off.

some can be done on car but i reckon best to remove the four nuts and lft the remote assy off the gearbox


in the kit will be washers a springs and a nylon ball.


the metal cup washer is best dumped and use your old one.  why because many ive seen have a sharp cropped edge which will chew the new  plastic spherical cup  to bits very quickly,  so check the edges for sharpness/rough cut,  if you have a metal cup

i would suggest you re use it.


the introduction of the plastic parts was impart to reduce gear lever sizzle. ( singing from fork contact)


take note of where all the clips and springs /washers fit on the old gearstick,  getting the closed circlip off is a pain and takes some patience


make sure the springs are all in the right place or you wont have a  press for reverse


in the kit are white and red plastic bushes,washers and o rings


the white bushes fit the pivot at the bottom of the stick the red ones fit the mid way  pivot under the remote casting


the o rings fit inside the selector rod bore , into a groove in its bore, these cant be changed without striping down the selector from the shaft by undoing the square tapered pin ,  if there are no leaks from the shaft leave this well alone,  most new o rings get chopped when refitting the old shaft .


when its all together check the small tappet bolt setting that controls the reverse and the  gate H positions , in 1st 2nd this need appprox 0.010"

gap between bolt and the stop plate, if the plate is worn some can be turned over to use the unworn side.


grease all pivots and the ball with general grease.


the pivot bolt under the ball can be  too long or fitted wrong way round , this will show up as contact wear under the cast housing

it makes contact in 3rd and 4th ,   makes the H   [--)   if this has been the case turn the bolt around 




if you have overdrive with a switch on the gear knob , now is the time to check the wires for chaffing,  if repairs are needed get some silicon sleeved wires that take the heat, from places like maplins etc.




strong tea and a choc biscuit rules apply   this is easiier than said , take time dont rush 



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By coincidence, just as I was reading this thread the latest edition of "The Courier" dropped through my letter box.


On page 44 is a very comprehensive guide, with photos, of how to replace all the bushes on the gearbox remote of a GT6! :)

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Just done this on my Vitesse, Pete's pretty much summed it up?


You may find that depending on how many miles you do per year you may well be changing it all again sooner than you think :(  


I've fitted 4 Kits over a 10 year period and only done around 12,000 miles in total !!! :o


I reckon the current batch of Chinese made Re-bush kits are very poor quality, especially the spherical ball which has disintegrated twice on my car :unsure:



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Many thanks all for your advice and believe it or not, I too couldn't believe reading Andy Cook's article in the Courier yesterday afternoon! 


Lots of good advice and top tips.............. not enough room in my garage to do it as it's full of motorbikes and things so waiting for the weather to clear up a bit and then I'll start.


May take a couple of weekends but if I have any difficulties, I'll be posting on the forum again


Thanks again


Maria :ph34r:  

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I never grease the ball as mixed with grit this makes a grinding paste and ruins the socket in the extension.

If you have overdrive, bit more work to change O rings as the cams for the inhibitor switches needs removing.





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I've removed the remote extension assembly to find that the nylon sphere (77) had completely disintegrated.

In addition, to the metal cup (66), there was also another smaller metal cup inside this ..... should this not have been plastic (67)!!. See my photos 


I would appreciate some advice on this and am curious as to what has been fitted in the past


Thanks all 


Maria :ph34r:







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See my post above regarding these repro kits.


On strip down of mine everything was in reasonable condition apart from the Spherical Ball that locates in the top of the Aluminium Remote casting, this had disappeared completely!!


I think these are manufactured from an incorrect grade of Plastic, which is either too soft or is affected by the heat generated from the Engine which works it's way to the Gearbox.


You may find if you use your Car a lot you will be changing it again sooner than you think! :(



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