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I'm in the middle of trying to fit Canley Classics CV driveshafts, one side has gone really well after the iterative spacer/shims process, but 2nd side has a really tight spline and I seem to have separated the shaft (tapping to get the shaft spline in the hub sufficiently to get the nut on) from the joint as I now have around 5mm axial play of the shaft in the CV. I think I've dislodged the circlip that holds the shaft into the CV innner race. I think I now need to drive the shaft out to be able to fit the circlip again..

I would really appreciate any insights from either a 1300 / 1500 FWD owner or someone who has rebuilt or had similar issues with the CC driveshafts.

The other problem with this driveshaft is that the sliding inner joint (from 1500 spitfire prop I understand) is very stiff - and I my need to dismatle this to see what is up. So anyone with experience of this joint on some of the spit 1500 props who can comment also appreciated.

These are new (but bought a while back) but I never checked properly them, till fitting now.. lesson there.

I'll be talking to Dave Pearson on Monday, but I'm trying to salvage today as the car has a deadline before going to get wheels aligned etc.

Thanks in advance,


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