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GT6 Door

Christoph Wintersteiger

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I’m searching for a new or used right/driver side door for my GT6 Mk1 (1967), ideally one that requires little to no welding. If you have anything of that sort, please do let me know!

Someone backed into my current door and the frame turned out to be totally rusted away too, so it would be most economical to replace it with a used one. I didn't expect it to be so hard to find a used door. Is this just a bad time to look for doors and is there hope that more will be available in the not too distant future?


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Bad time as in 20+ years late.....

Widen your search, gt6mk1 same as mk2. ANd a spitfire mk1 (though be careful, not a twisty door handle type) mk2 and 3 will all fit.

I say fit, often cars have been repaired and doors/sills/wings etc tweeked to fit. So a new or s/h door may well require work to fit your car.

Alternatively, the frame is just about identical to the later GT6/spitfire, so an alternative approach is to buy one of those that has a good frame, and a new early skin. That way the door will be adjusted to fit your car.

Have you tried: Chic Doig, Spitfire Graveyard, Jigsaw, Fitchetts, Canley Classics, (plus there are many other smaller suppliers out there)


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