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Spitfire door window sticks out

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Hi All, I am a new member and I have a 1974 Spitfire IV.

My door windows when wound up tend to sit to upright instead of leaning I towards the car. Would this be a problem with the glass sitting in the runner incorrectly or is it an adjustment in the vertical channels, such as moving the base of the channels outwords.

Ant help anyone can offer, would be greatly appreciated .



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The window lifter should have some fittings on either end (619509) that react with the "jink" in at the top of each window wide channel to force the window towards the car as it reaches the top.  If the doors have been rebuilt, these parts may be missing.




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Thanks Paul, that is what I initially thought I would do, I also thought there must be something else.


KevinR, I think that my passenger door probably has been rebuilt, it's certainly not the original door. I haven't looked on the inside of the o/s door yet. I will try and see if the parts that you mentioned are there, it is so difficult to see inside these doors.

These parts 619509, if they are fixed to either end of the window lifter, when the window is wound to the top, wouldn't I be able to see them or at least the front one ? Do the parts 619509 also prevent the window from winding up further than it should? My windows defiantly go up further than they should.

Thanks KevinR

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The parts in question should limit how far up the windows will go, and are specifically designed to "kick" the windows in when they get near the top of the runners.


You will need to remove the door panels to see them, and they should be visible in the vertical channels with the windows up or down.


It's also possible that they are very badly worn.


The other part that can be worn or missing is 613326, but they stop the window from wobbling around in the channel, rather than not kicking in when they reach the top.


If either is missing, then they can only be obtained 2nd hand, usually as part of a window lifter channel - assuming the seller of the channels has not removed them - rocking horse poo comes to mind.

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Once again I apologise for my slow response, I have just been incredibly busy. Thank you again for passing on some of your invaluable knowledge, you have been most helpful. I wander if you would kindly help me with one other simple thing? where is the filler nut for the diff oil on 1974 Spitfire IV?


Thank you in advance.

Kind regards


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where is the filler nut for the diff oil on 1974 Spitfire IV?

The diff filler bolt is on the left hand side of the diff, about half way up the caseing.

It should have a square head, and may be rather tight.

Best removed using an 8 point socket.




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