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Door restoration / replacement Vitesse Saloon

Paul H

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Hi the doors on my Vitesse Saloon are A2 grade and dont stand up to close examination, minor surface rust with lots of evidence of filler and pretty sure they were reskinned many years ago so as a winter project looking to restore or replace . Ive measured the depth of both doors and passenger side is close to 5mm thicker . Pretty sure this is contributing to the passenger door sitting proud at the base . So far I have a new passenger door skin & a pair of base panels for the resto . 

Before i start this project which ive never done before do A1 quality doors ever come up for sale - Ive been to Stoneleigh MG & Triumph show once , they did have some doors but I didnt check the quality or price

What would you expect to pay for A1 doors and where should i be looking ? Im following Ebay and not impressed at all by the quality or silly prices . Meanwhile the doors are coming off and they will either be replaced or restored . Any tips advice would be welcome in return ill post the pics and progress good or bad 



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