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Battery Monitor

Paul H

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Ooooooo! :o

I used to have an ammeter which tells you instantly the state of things, unfortunately ALL the current involved was going through it, requiring some very chunky cables behind the dash which did get "quite" hot. So I replaced it with a battery condition gauge, which tells you not very much until it's too late. I now have an ammeter that senses the current going through the cable via a coil around the cable. Unfortunately the display is digital, the numbers are OK, but it only differentiates charge or discharge by a dot, or absence of dot. So I'll have a look at this. :)



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44 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

"Monitor the charge status of your battery via your smartphone – alarm function"

You have one new call.

"Hello it's your battery, I'm going flat." :)

Modern gadget, I can't be doing with it. Smart phone that is, I'm sticking with my "reasonably intellegent" one ☎️

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