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Dizzy wear on Lucas 22 D6


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Hi.  A few questions please.

Have some wear on the driving dog tongues/teeth. Shiny metal on lower halves and a bit of a wear lip/ridge.

Also a bit of play between the driving dog body and the fastening pin when in situ on the shaft.

Also bit of wear on the points post.

Is this usual/acceptable?.




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Hello Dave,

Wear on the shaft will have a knock on effect with the dwell - more the wear, the more the dwell will fluctuate and this will have a knock-on when it comes to set the timing up.

IIRC, if you change to electronic ignition (i.e. fit a unit within the dizzy) this will side step the issue of shaft wear and your dwell will become stable.

The other option is to buy a fully electronic dizzy OR live with what you have.



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Thanks Richard. The actual bearings in the dizzy, (cam and bottom) have no/minimum play, so would this still affect dwell?.

I was more wondering about any other possible issues caused by excessive wear in the dizzy drive and the Driving dog area?.

Cheers, Dave 

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the dog has been clattering around for 40 years  some marks and pad wear is going to happen , glad there is little shaft wear, keep it oiled 

any play in the drive can obviously show up as a jumping strobe marker , but i wouldnt worry too much about it , the drive dog must  have some   clearance or you  would never fit the two drives  together ie  dropping the dizzy into place in the cam gear 


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Just another question please.

This dizzy is a spare I bought very cheap. As appears to be in good nick  (bit better than my current one) and also included what appears to be a good cap, leads etc..

It apparently  came off a mk1 2litre Vitesse (which I have) and the body part no is correct.

It has what looks like the no 8 degrees stamped on the cam plate, just checking this is correct for this dizzy, as can't find this info anywhere.

Thanks, Dave

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