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Triumph on Catweazle again, a TR6 this time


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TR6 featuring heavily on today's episode re-run of Catweazle on talking pictures freeview chan 81... Just checked on the DVLA website and it still survives, PRW 741G freshly taxed until November 2020, no MOT details but then it's MOT exempt so none required.








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22 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

No your not.You want to be Dennis Waterman. 😎  “Your nicked! You slag!!!!”

I once went into the 7 Bells where East Berks used to meet and there was DW and Rula Lenska, up to no good. I also was up to no good with my soon to be second wife.


Lucky you didn't get 7 Bells knocked out of you, then.... :)

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Well, it’s a long and not very interesting story.

The episode of Minder where Arfur encounters nature and got his shoes muddy was filmed in a field near the 7 Bells.

DW and the film crew dropped in for a quick pint. The crew left and shortly after Lenska turned up. They were both married to other people at the time.

There was DW & RL at one end of the bar and me and prospective No.2 at the other.

Two days later we were in Kingston, went into a pub for early lunch and there was DW & RL. I guess they must have thought we were paparazzi and fled.



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