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Radio for Spitfire Mk3


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Do you want original, or modern-looking, or modern reproduction old-style? 

Period types such as the photo are available but usually pricey, but if you don't mind a non-specific Motorola or the like there are plenty for sale online.


You can get modern reproductions which look period but have electronic circuitry and which can be used for USB or FM radio

bb5023898b.jpg.ebd79a9fc7b866ed324d133e9742ebcf.jpg CCS_classic_200.jpg.636480dbfc82d0d4aa9e363cf03be75e.jpg


...and if you're going for retro-look but don't mind a not-too-close match there are plenty of modern versions on the go - there's a thread about here somewhere showing various models available for around a tenner. I've got quite fond of the one pictured below as they're cheap, sound excellent, and take both phone or usb.



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