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Seized suspension bolts (vertical link / wishbone)

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I'm trying to dismantle my 1973 Mk 3 GT6 rear suspension (part of my total restoration of the car).


Everything is off the car but I can't budge the long bolts which pass through the rubber bushes and steel inserts that connect the vertical link to the wishbone.  I also can't move the long bolt that passes through the vertical link that holds the brake pipe bracket on one end and rear shock on the other. I suspect the bolts have corroded into the inserts/bushes.

I've soaked the vertical links / wishbones in diesel for 10 days, applied heat but the bolts won't budge!


Has anyone else found this problem?


Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get the bolts out and free the parts. I suspect they might need pressing out which would mean taking them to an engineering workshop.


Help needed!

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The Long bolt seizing is a common problem :(


Your GT6 must be one of the last to be fitted with Rotoflex type suspension, I thought they changed to the Swing spring suspension in 1972?


If you have an Angle grinder fit a thin cutting blade and carefully cut through where the trunnion bushes are adjacent to the Vertical link (Goggles and gloves a must!)


If you haven't got a grinder a hacksaw and a decent blade will get it cut. harder work though :o


the remains should knock out of the Wishbone, A pillar drill and the right size drill bit should drill out the remains of the bolt in the vertical link? 


I left the bolt in that holds the damper on my car?


I've drilled and tapped for a grease nipple on the vertical links on my Mk2 Vitesse and give it a few pumps with an Oil gun when I oil the front Trunnions every year to stop it seizing again ;)     

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Thanks for the advice about the bolts Gary.


I too have been a bit confused by this car. Its chassis number according to the commission plate and reg documents is KE14585 so would be an early Mk3 (rotoflex). It was first registered on 04-01-1973.

Any thoughts??? :unsure:



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Thanks for this info Doug,

Something doesn't quite add up and it's becoming a bigger mystery!

Where would I get a heritage certificate from and how?





ps If anyone can add to the original post I'd be grateful.

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Here's a link to the heritage certificate site. It costs money but, the dvla accept what they say as true.




My car was registered 04/73, the HC will tell you the date of manufacture, mine was 02/73. The number plate immediately following mine was an identical car registered the same day but manufactured 11/72! The last GT6s were manufactured in 11/73 but there are many with 74 plates and a few with 75 plates.

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Unless you REALLY want to get the shock bolt out, I would leave it well alone. But Gary is correct, it is "normal" to have to drill the trunnion bolt out, a press will rarely do the job. But make sure it is done accurately, I have seen a few where the hole has not been correctly aligned, up to a bolt hole out (but the remains of the old bolt means it looked OK at first glance, but I wouldn't want to use it)

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