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Tube Starter Connection


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Hi Folks, I'm shortly going to replace the twin SU HS6's on my  2L Mk2 Vitesse with a pair of 150 CD3 Strombergs.  These only have the choke mechanism on the front carb and the rear carb is fed by a tube  " Tube Starter Connection ", Part number 517868.in the Workshop Manual.  This tube appears to be no longer available, so I would like your advice on what to replace it with, a nylon tube, rubber tube or something similar, which of course long term must not leak petrol, as its sitting just above the exhaust!  Thanks for your help.     Pat

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just use fuel hose  , theres no pressure in the system , in fact anything will do the job the orig was a plastic type tube 

low pressure petrol wont fire up if leaked onto the exhaust ,, a vapour spray might , brake fluid will just burst into flames 

with all the carb leakers on here over the years i dont recall any leaker going up in flames

the washing M/c or drier has a much better chance 








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