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rear wheel tracking

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My GT4s has always been a bit lairy on corners ( as experienced at Donington last yr! ) I know the chassis has its inherited failings, but my 1200 corners so much better.

Armed with some shims I decided to check the rear tracking. I laid a 10 ft length of timber alongside the tyres , propped up 6 inches , and measured. The wheels are within 2 to 3 mm parallel . I then slid the timber forward alongside the front wheels. On the n/s it remained reasonably parallel to the rear. On the O/S it showed around 12mm gap at the front of the  rear tyre. Now I always assumed the wheels were in line! I guess one of my driveshafts is shorter? Or? 

ideas .....

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I've been meaning to post on a similar subject. Over the winter I fitted a new rear spring to my Mk3 Spit. I've now got excessive (over 3 deg : max reading on Gunson gauge) camber on the nearside wheel.

Perhaps one of our experts can help us both.

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did you load the car with  rent a crowd  on each seat ?  or have you got the unladen spec ??


all you can do at the back is get the toe near '0'   Laden  and even up the alignment down each side to be equal 


which may need a   different  shim count left to right .



as for camber ......one old favourite is drive shafts intermixed one is around 1/2 longer on later spits   they get mixed around over the years

quick look with a tape measure over the shaft you can see will tell you. 


tight trunion bushes, off centre spring eye's   ...diff mounts .  .....  is there any  'lean'   



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Sounds like the rear wheel are not parallel to the centre line of the car. You may need to tweek both rear wheels so you end up with an equal gap, if that makes sense. I have just checked and  the track width is the same on herald based cars. Odd one is late spit 1500 and GT6 with long shafts.

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