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Must be a world wide special I brought 3 from our local Super Cheap Auto store 2 long ones at $9 ea and a stubby one to replace the daughters Spit one $20.

All to replace old 10 year ones that I couldn’t get the  powder to loosen up by banging and shaking. Tried one and it worked now white powder on the ground up the unused side of the house aah it’ll wash down. Must be able to use the empty   Aluminium Canister for something!

now what to do with the other 2 old ones

Peter T

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Santa doesn't post anywhere, he delivers!

(Although in Russia he doesn't bring presents until New Year's Eve)

Almost the entire world believes that a fat man can come down their chimney, from a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, and give them free things, and I'M on medication? :)

A bit like Jeremy Corbyn, although was he on medication? Or should he have been? :)  :) 


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1 hour ago, dougbgt6 said:

I'll look after you Colin


Bless you, Doug, I believe you would!

I think poor Jeremy's problem was that he believed he was someone else entirely, albeit with the same initials, and a lot of people didn't believe in HIM either when he said he would save them.

Wow... getting deep here.... 


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2 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

Colin, I don't know how to tell you this, but that is actually me in the Santa suit. Also my No.3 grandson receiving his pressie, he didn't recognise me at all.


Yes, I knew. Don't be embarrassed, Doug, it's a big wide world these days and if you want to identify as Santa on certain occasions, that's fine by me... :)

If you're going to drop anything down the chimney make sure my stove has gone out, first...


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