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Classic Spa Check List


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Taking the trip to spa in the Spitty. 


Now i've checked her over and taken her on a nice drive this weekend and apart from a few niggles which are easy to sort, she drove beautifully as always.


Now my question is, is there anything I should consider taking in terms of spares / essential kit? 




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It isn't far, as long as you are confident in the car you should expect a hassle free trip. Famous last words! Check tyre pressure are good, and tyres not old etc (and decent quality is sensible) Brakes are not down to the linings, all lube points done. Check wiper blades too, if they are iffy and it rains all the way there and back it will drive you nuts.

I am taking my spit, friend a stag. He is carrying a spare fuel pump (seems the car eats them regularly) but I will be taking a fair toolkit, fits easily in the spare wheel "well" including gaffer tape, cable ties, spare fuses, some wire and connectors, a few odd nuts and bolts. Fan belt and spare top up fluids should do it. 


More of a worry is what music and what the weather will bring!

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Cheers Clive, 


Ha My main concern actually was the music playlist, because i'm not so sure me and my dad have the same tastes.



Other than that it's pretty much what I thought, I'm going to give her a good service and clean at the weekend so that should hopefully clear that all up. 

And i'll grab hold of the other items you mention, sure I have most of it lying around on the garage floor. 

If you cant fix it with gaffer tape and cable ties then its done.



Hopefully see you there. 

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Do not forget the legal bits that are required in France, and make sure you have European recovery cover. I had a guy with a breakdown that cost him 250 euro, and that was only to take the car from the breakdown point to a garage.




Then put a big smile on your face and enjoy the experience. Have you checked out the Bonhams auction list to see if there is anything that you might like to bring back?



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