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Hi Steve,

The way the web site is set up it is for the Area Organiser to input the local events & meetings there is no limit to how many they can put on.  Some AO's do a great job of this & some don't do it......yet.  If your events  are not on the local AO may need some help or assistance to do this.  Also the links to web sites & face book pages are easy to set up & then they will work, I have set up Gloucester Area's & they function efficiently, if there is any error in setting these up a quick email to Club HQ can sort any errors.  


It's very easy to use, it's just getting around to it.



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Steve - I notice you are in Newark (I'm in Collingham - and I am the AO for Lincolnshire Area).  For us, we're at www.lincstssc.co.uk but also at www.facebook.com/lincolnhsiretriumphs.  We meet 1st Weds of the month at The Swan Holme on Doddington Road in Lincoln from 8pm.  Events are posted on Facebook mostly but also tweeted via @LincsTriumphs.  We're a very small but friendly group.


The other local meeting to you is the Notts Area.  This is a really popular group and get a lot of cars and people attend (unlike us!).  They meet at the Nags Head in Woodborough on the 2nd Monday of the month.  Adrian and Nigel - the AOs - are very friendly and I can guarantee you'll be welcomed.  http://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/areas_final.asp?area_ID=17&area=Midland,%20Notts.


Local regular events which are worth attending are the Langrick Cafe Meetings near Boston, Horsepower at the Hall (Doddington Hall) and Last Thursday of the Month classic meet at Woodcocks, Burton Waters.   All should be visible via the Lincolnshire Triumphs webpage and twitter.  Boston and Stamford classic car shows, plus Thoresby Park are well attended.


Hope that helps!

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