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Vit Mk1 2 Litre 3.27 diff


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59 minutes ago, daverclasper said:

Thanks. Will check the ratio Clive. Didn't know it was so easy!.

But one wheel must be locked stationary. If both wheels can move, the free one will rotate in the opposite direction to the one you turn (ignoring LSDs )

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or if jacked turn both wheels together  .

and depending on the car the diff gear ratios may not be 2:1 all down to tooth count on the sun and planets 

alternative is push car one wheel turn and get some muppet to lay under and count the prop turns   or 

safer  put in 4th gear count the turns of the engine when pushed one wheel rotation ,  

needs 3 shreaded wheat or take the plugs out   

just some ideas


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