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VITESSE MK 2 Front Indicators Wiring Gremlin ( MOT Tomorrow!)


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Hi all




The front left hand side indicator is not flashing. MOT in the morning,.


Looking at the Vitesse Mk 2 wiring diagram and what I can see in the wires that run along the top of the grill from one side light/indicator light to the other  is fed by  one wire from the loom that is Green/ red in colour, the front RH side is fed from the loom by a wire Green/white in colour.  This is the feed for the indicators at front of car. 

All other indicators lights are flashing correctly, with only the front left indicator showing the fault. The flasher unit is clicking fine under dash, but does not click properly when you flick indicator stalk to the turn left position.


To try to locate problem I have switched the feed from the loom ( at front of grill , running between the front indicators) swapping each to the other front flasher/side light.

When I swap the feeds over to the opposing indicator light he problem is transferred now over to RH side indicator. Now the LH indicator is working and flashing fine as are the rear ones, but the front indicator light being fed from the RED/GREEN wire is now showing the fault. 

So I assume this has proven that both front indicator bulbs work. It has proven the fault is linked to the GREEN/RED wire feed to the LH Front Indicator bulb, but I have no clue how to proceed now.

I assume as all other 3 indicators work fine then there is not a problem with the flasher unit.

Also when the feed is swapped over on the front indicators the side that was working does not work and vice versa

The fault shows itself as a diminishing clicking in the flasher unit under dash, and believe it or not the indicator bulb does not illuminate, but the side light tiny bulb blinks. Swapping  over the feed to the opposite side by switching Red/Green for Green /White, the identical problem is transferred now to the opposite side, and the one that originally had the fault works fine.

Any ideas please?

I am baffled now and a bit disappointed I cannot solve it!! HELP

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From your description it sounds like your problem could be at the rear not the front.

The most important thing is that all the clusters have a good earth, make sure all the bulbs are clean and free from corrosion.

You might need to break out a flying earth wire attach to a ground on the chassis and connect to the earth on each bulb cluster.

Hope this helps?

Regards Mike

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the common places to give connection problems are  the aged snap/bullet  connector as you've found above the front grill ,and also 

where the column switch is connected to the flying leads to front /back left /right , this is located just under the dash above the lower outer coulmn



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It sounds from your description that you have identified the fault to be the red/green wire.  The bulbs are clearly ok, as is the flasher unit by the sound of it.  When you were swapping wires over (under the bonnet) were you using the same bullet-connector for connecting to the sidelight/indicator unit?  

Is there any way that you can get a length of wire and simply bypass the suspect red/green wire just to check if this is indeed where the fault lies?

Don't be defeated!  Do, though, please let us know how you get on.


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Dear all,

I appreciate all your responses which will help me in the future. I disconnected bullet connectors, took bulbs out, loosened off side light/indicator body under front of bonnet.

I followed the wiring diagram, and looked at as many connection points as I could. I re looked at flasher unit and switch.

I put it back together and all worked fine. I assume it was a connection problem or earthing problem . It was strange that the red/green wire was causing the problem. I would have liked to actually pinpoint it, but working through it all rectified the problem.

Once again, many thanks for the useful information you all posted to help me.


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Well done for sorting it out Steve. Most electrical problems are caused by corrosion particularly with the earth connections. But in you case rather than being an earthing fault, it sounds like the problem was in the green and red cable at the front being starved of Volts.



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