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Noobie says HI!

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I'm new to this game and all classic cars but am looking at buying a spitfire.


Is there anyone in the Leicester area that has a spitfire that can offer advice and guidance about buying and possible have a look at there's to get an idea of standard over price etc.


I have a good(ish) idea of what to look for in the car such as sills, floors, filler, panel fitting correctly etc etc etc but reading up on it and seeing it are two different things.


Thanks for any help guys!



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I'd suggest you join the club and look at your local club group for some help.


I'm as you can see am based in Derbyshire Joined the club and found a potential car in Bedfordshire.


A club member in the area who will remain nameless (Pete Lewis! :) ) helped me out and came with me to look at and purchase the car, He even gave me a club evaluation for the insurance. So all in all a great experience!


Once again Pete - Thanks for all your help now and since!!

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