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Herald parts for sale on Gumtree


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He has five or six ads running for Triumph parts, but just says 'all parts available'. There's also a 948 saloon for sale by a different seller but the photo is of a high-end sports car, so no idea what that's about.

In any case I hope it's not this guy, I'm so tempted to send him some photos from Stratford...  :)


"I'm selling this beautiful classic; this is a rare Herald I have never seen a 1200 convertible at a triumph show. I have spoken to some guys at the shows and they say there isnt a lot of these left."

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46 minutes ago, NonMember said:

Well, yes, but "I'm trying to con some numpty into paying way over the odds for this incomplete pile of extremely common bits" doesn't sound as appealing.

If he had changed the ad to read: "There isn't a lot of THIS left" I reckon it would be more honest...

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