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Master cylinder drip tray(s)

mark powell

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They used to be made by an Australian seller called triumphfarm on eBay, but he has not listed any in recent years.

Sorry - I stand corrected - he has listed this set:


I've not found them anywhere else so far.



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Thanks Colin,

 I'm in the process of rebuilding my J.C.Midge and it's either a pair of them or trying my luck with some 2k paint or lacquer... like this..https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ProXL-2K-Clear-Lacquer-Aerosol-for-Motorbike-Cars-Petrol-Resistant-200ml/173938341611?epid=1077329240&hash=item287f8876eb:g:Wm4AAOSwo7Zbz0KY

Frosts do something similar..https://www.frost.co.uk/eastwood-2k-aerospray-high-temp-ceramic-engine-paint-gloss-black-14925/#reviews

I don't know how the 2k stands up to brake fluid.  The top of the footwell scuttle is going to be gloss black, so I really don't want any problems!


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Surely the fluid will just go through the big oval hole or underneath the screw heads, then wick under the whole SS plate, damaging the paint unbeknownst to the doting owner? I suspect that product is more to cover already damaged paint. If you don't have a good track record with brakes then I agree with 68vitesse, use silicone DOT5.

Cheers, Richard

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14 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

Yup, silicone cures the problem and cheaper than drip trays.


Cures ONE problem, maybe... still not convinced that I should be using it.

If I was fitting those trays I'd seal them with mastic underneath so that what ends up in the trays, stays in the trays.


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32 minutes ago, Anglefire said:

I wouldn't use silicon, it will be a bitch to bleed - though you will get a solid peddle ;)

Much better to use silicone. 😂

I dont know, it'll take ages to get it out of the tube and squeezed round the whole brake system. And then theres which colour to use....

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