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Ethanol resistant fuel hose for my GT6

brian GT6.

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One of the winter jobs I want to do is replace the current rubber fuel hose with ethanol resistant stuff. Does anyone know the internal diameters I need to order. I know I could go and measure but i'm sure you clever people know it off pat.

From memory there is rubber from the tank to solid pipe, I think from the solid pipe to the fuel pump, then from the fuel pump to the carbs, then between the carbs. Is it all the same diameter?


Thanks in advance.

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My Mk3 has solid pipe from the tank to a short rubber joint on the side of the chassis in the rear passenger side wheel arch. There was some debate previously as to whether this was standard, but there is a part number for the joint.

And another rubber joint where the pipe ascends into the engine bay just before the pump. 

I’ve replaced both these with Gates Barricade. Additionally I’ve replaced the metalwork between pump and carbs with Barricade, this ensures minimal rubber “slivers” problems caused by pipes rubbing on rubber. 



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